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Four-Year Pre-College Certificate 

The Four-Year Pre-College Certificate Program consists of weekly private lessons as well as music skills classes on Saturdays. The Program has been very successful in preparing teenagers, especially the ones that want to pursue music professionally. They learn the performance and intellectual aspects of music. Our goal is to make musicians self-sufficient.

Registration Info


Do you want to Pre-Register in the Pre-College Certificate Program or Adult Certificate Program

for School Year 2024-2025 starting September 9th?  Click here

Call (915) 833-0263 for more information.


For FAQ please click here

Year 1
  Private Lessons 

  Sightreading/Dictation 1

  Theory 1
  Performance Class



Year 2
  Private Lessons 

  Sightreading/Dictation 2

  Theory 2
  Performance Class

*1 year of Private Piano 


3 summers of Private Piano

 Year 3
  Private Lessons 

  Sightreading/Dictation/Conducting 3

  Theory 3
  Performance Class


Age Range:  12 years old through Senior Adults

Term:        September 9, 2024 - May 31 2025, 

Schedule:  Private Lessons - flexible

                   Monday Classes - 5:30 pm to 8:30pm

Year 4

  Private Lessons
  Sightreading/Dictation/Conducting 4

  Theory 4
  Performance Class

Year 5+  Classes designed for students

Duration:  Private lessons - 45 minutes /33 weeks 

                  Monday Classes - 1 hour/per class

Tuition:     $3,300 Annually 

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