Reggie Moore, Berlin Jazz Pianist and Composer visits the Conservatory May 4th

To read Reggie Moore's bio of his incredible career:


 Reggie Moore jams

with EPCoM Jazz​ Students

Reggie and Mack Goldsbury leads Conservatory jazz students  through a  workshop of style and new repertoire. To perform with these two world class musicians is quite an experience for Conservatory students.

Reggie taught Theory 4 and Composition Class​

Reggie Moore, jazz pianist and composer, spent time with advanced Conservatory Theory and Composition students, explaining how his jazz idioms often develop out classical music from Bach to Chopin to Stravinsky. 

Mack Goldsbury plays

with Reggie Moore

Mack Goldsbury, and Jazz musician friends from the U.S. and Europe, spent three days in recording sessions of new compositions. Mack is constantly bringing in great musicians to El Paso and the Conservatory.