2019-2020 Regular School Year & 2019 Music Summer Programs


Regular School Year: September through May

  • Private Lessons (34 weekly private lessons, 45 minutes each)              **$ 1,800

  • Music Skills Classes (Saturdays): weekly single class                              $   600

  • Four Year Pre-College Certificate Program                                        $ 3,000

  (weekly private lessons and 3 music skills classes)


  • Full Adult and Youth Program (private lessons  3 music skills classes)   $ 3,000


  • Three Part Music Skills Program (Saturdays): three classes                    $ 1,500

  • Adult Evening Music Skills Program                                                          $ 1,200


**Tuition for private lessons is pro-rated for students who begin

lessons in the middle of the school year, depending on the number

of weeks remaining.

All regular school year students pay a $35 annual registration fee.

Regular school year students do not need to pay the summer

registration fee.





Summer Music Programs:  June through August


  • Private Lessons (8 weekly lessons, 45 minutes each)                                  $400

  • Workshops & Camp                                                                                       *Varies  



NOTE: Individual Private Lessons in sightreading, ear training, music

theory, and orchestration available upon request.

Summer Music Program students who are not enrolled at EPCoM

during the regular school year pay a $20 summer registration fee.