Summer Music Theater Workshops with Melissa Parks, singer actress

Melissa Parks joins the faculty of the El Paso Conservatory of Music as an Artist in Residence.  She will be spending her summer with El Paso Conservatory to begin a Summer Music Theatre and Opera Program aimed at youth and adult singers wanting to develop their performance skills in music theater and opera.  She will be offering private voice lessons...and YES, Melissa Parks will be offering lessons in "Belting"!!!

Melissa Park, mezzo-soprano

Artist in Residence-Summer


 Dr. Esequiel Meza

Piano Faculty

Dr. Esequiel Meza will be playing piano for all music theater classes and performances. 

Dates: July 22-27 10:00am-1:00pm 

Dates: June 17-21  10:00am-12:00noon

​   6 Workshop schedules (Class Descriptions Below)

To register call 833-0263       Tuition - $200


June 17-21  10:00am-12noon  "Sing out Louise"    Tuition - $200

June 17-21  1:00pm-3:00pm  "Moving and Grooving"    Tuition - $200


July 1-6  10:00am-2noon  "Do it with style"    Tuition - $200

July 1-6  1:00pm-3:00pm    "Be understood"    Tuition - $200


July 8-12  10:00am-12noon    "So you want to be a singer"    Tuition - $200

July 8-12  1:00pm-3:00pm   "How to prepare for performance"   Tuition - $200

Private Voice lessons with Melissa Parks    Tuition - $380  (8 weekly 45 minute lessons)

Class Descriptions

"Sing out Louise"  A Belting and Music Theater Interpretation Class,  with focus on good diction and solid body technique

"Moving and Grooving"  Stage comportment.  How to move in the different forms of singing from recital song to music theater to opera

"Do it with style"    A class on Genres and how to span them.  The class will feature work on an art song, an aria, and a pop or broadway tune.  How to instill good habits and technique without losing your stlye

"Be Understood"   Diction for singers: How to remain true to your technique getting the most out of your diction opportunities.

"So you want to be a singer!"  Dramatic interpretation of Songs and Arias - How to get the most color and intent out of your performance while still maintaining great technique 

"How to sing 16 bars to a sheet" How to Prepare   The steps from preparing to performing - Texas All-State preparation   College Audition preparation