2016 Summer Camps and Workshops - For Children, Youth and Adults

                                                        All Camps are one week M-F for 2-3 hours per day

                                                                        Tuition - $200 for all camps

For All Ages

      Piano Camps – Dr. Esequiel Meza, Piano and Coaching Faculty

     (students must have taken private piano lessons)

6/20-6/24                 10a - 12p            Elementary Piano Camp         Dr. Esequiel Meza

6/20-6/24                 1p - 3p                Intermediate Piano Camp       Dr. Esequiel Meza

6/27-7/1                   10a-12p              Elementary Piano Camp         Dr. Esequiel Meza

6/27-7/1                   1p - 3p                Intermediate Piano Camp       Dr. Esequiel Meza

7/18-7/22                 10a-12p              Advanced Piano Camp           Dr. Esequiel Meza

7/18-7/22                 1p - 3p                Elem/Int. Piano Camp             Dr. Esequiel Meza

     Guitar Camps – Stefan Schyga, Guitar Faculty

7/11-7/15                 10a-12p                Beginning Guitar Camp         Stefan Schyga

7/11-7/15                 1 - 3p                    Guitar Improv. Camp             Stefan Schyga

     Jazz Camps -  Mack Goldsbury, Jazz Faculty

6/20-6/25                 10a-1p                   Jazz Camp                           Mack Goldsbury     

     Drum/Percussion Camps - Ricki Malichi, Jazz/Percussion Faculty

6/13-6/18                 10a-1p                 Beg/Int Percussion Camp       Ricky Malichi

(To register for camps contact 915-833-0263 or stop by the conservatory. Normal business hours M-F 3-6pm Saturday's by appoinment. It is suggested to make an appointment to guarantee registration, meet with the director and submit payments)