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Prentice Loftin 2013


Daniel Pedroza, recieved the Bill Gates Millinium Scholarship which takes care of all college expenses through a Doctorate.  Congratulations - "incredible".

Luke Minton, bass, high school freshman at Coronado High School, wins first chair, bass, at All-State Mixed Choir for 2013 Texas Music Educators Association Convention.  Congratulations Luke!

Emilio Mesa, saxophone, now at University of North Texas, enjoying jammin with members of the "1 clock band"
Georgia Smits, for passing the AP Theory Test with the highest score possible of a 5.  I was told your sightreading was described as "incredible".  As a high school junior you now have 8 hours of college music theory credit. Impressive!  And now you have been offered scholarships to Harvard and Yale. Wonderful!

Emilio Mesa, saxophone, 1st place, Aaliyah Schoclet and Monica Cuellar, singers, tied for 2nd place - El Paso Conservatory of Music 2012 Concerto and Aria Competition
Christian Chesanek, for making the highest entrance exam theory score out of 150 new students at UTEP. You should be proud of your 98 grade on the entrance exam. Good job!