Why Pre-register?

Call  915-833-0263 to set up an appointment.

The following studios were full or almost full this year –  Cordova, Garcia, Jubera, Loftin, Marmolejo, Meza, Morey, McQuien, Tabibian and Slavin.  Each year, studios fill up more quickly. By the end of August, the above studios will likely be full. 
• This year’s returning students who pre-register for the 2013-2014 school year by May 31, can reserve their current lesson time (in

   some cases the lesson time may need to be altered slightly).  On June 1, new students will be able to sign up for a teacher’s

   remaining times.
• If you want a different lesson time, pre-registering allows you to state your preferences.  After pre-registration closes, new requested

   lesson times will be scheduled for the school year based on the order in which students pre- register.
• Reserve a place in your teacher’s studio by paying only a $100 deposit and the $35 annual registration fee.

The schedules are flexible, including lessons during the day or evening.
• Continuing your lessons will keep you in good musical shape to start the regular school year.
• Great progress can be made in the summer because of more available practice time.
• Lessons are a great summer activity to keep students busy while they aren’t in school.
• Private summer lessons in theory and/or sightreading can quickly improve learning abilities.
• Try something new!  If you’ve ever wanted to learn another instrument or take voice lessons, summer is a great time to try it.  Eight

   lessons will give you a good start without the time commitment of the regular school year.

Why take Summer Lessons and Classes?