Curriculum and Classes - See Descriptions Below

Group Music Skills Classes - Development of Oral, Written and Theoretical Music Concepts

The El Paso Conservatory of Music offers group music skills classes in the following areas.  Specific course offerings and schedules may change on a yearly basis.  All classes are held at our Downtown location.


Sightreading and dictation
Music theory, including theory for young students
Performance classes in piano, guitar, and violin
Vocal repertoire classes in English song, Italian and Spanish song, German Lieder, and French chanson
Group piano
Piano accompanying
Music history
Jazz ensemble
Chamber music
EPCoM String Quartet
Recorder ensemble

Guitar ensemble

Class Descriptions

Introduction to Musicianship (Tuesdays, 4:15-5:10 PM)
This is a general musicianship class open to students ages 9 to 12.  New and current Conservatory students are welcome, vocalists and instrumentalists. The class will focus on basic theory, reading, and performance skills.  Students will learn basic ear training, sightreading, and intervals, along with practical theory topics like key signatures, major and minor scales, and music writing.  Additionally, students will be introduced to elements of performance.


The following classes take place on Saturdays during the regular school year, and are designed for students age 13 to adult.

Sightreading and Dictation

Year 1: Basic note and rhythm reading through solfeggio method and simple dictation.

Year 2: Reading minor keys and accidentals

Year 3: Advanced ear training, dictation, and modal scales.  Basic conducting.

Year 4: Advanced reading, multi-line dictation, beginning orchestration

Music Theory

Theory 1: Basic note reading, intervals, rhythms and dictation

Theory 2: Harmonic progressions, inversions, complex rhythms, part writing

Theory 3: Introduction complex harmonic writing and composition

Performance Classes

Voice: Diction classes.  Learn and perform 8-10 songs in weekly class and occasional recital with correct diction, translation understanding, musical style, poise, and stage deportment. 

Year 1: English Diction

Year 2: Italian and Spanish Diction

Years 3 and 4: German and French Diction

Years 5 and 6: Renaissance to Classical Repertoire, and Romantic to Present Repertoire

Instrumental: Weekly classroom solo performances of appropriate literature, learning correct articulation, musical style, poise and stage deportment.

Piano Class

Years 1, 2, and 3: Basic piano skills

Piano Accompanying Class - Professional training lab for the working accompanist

Music History

A historical overview from Gregorian chant to twenty-first century music

Music History for Educators

A review course for music teachers

Ensemble Classes

Jazz Ensemble

Chamber Music (for strings and piano): Groups are formed by audition based on age, ability, and instrumentation.  Students have weekly coachings from EPCoM faculty and perform in recitals and master classes throughout the year.  Chamber music is essential for the growth of any young musician.  Students will learn listening and rehearsal skills, and sensitivity to different styles of music.

El Paso Conservatory String Quartet: Chosen through audition to represent the EPCoM as the El Paso Conservatory Honors String Quartet, this ensemble will perform throughout the year at various venues throughout El Paso.  Pre-formed groups and non-EPCoM students are welcome to apply.  Recorder Ensemble also available.