El Paso Conservatory is also a Community Music School

The El Paso Conservatory of Music is adding a preparatory division and adult education division to the school. These divisions will come under a new name, El Paso Community Music School. Both schools will exist together in the same location, often with faculty interchange. The difference will be that the Community Music School will be focused on providing varied music training and experiences to the general public, while the Conservatory will continue to provide comprehensive training for students who wish to pursue music as a profession or an important part of their lives.

Goals of the School
Since opening in 2004, one goal of the school has been to add accessible programs and amplify existing programs each year. Because of this goal, the Conservatory will now offer music courses that will focus on training local musicians that wish to i
mprove their musical skills – to use those skills in church music programs, local music organizations, and performing groups.

Music Lessons for All Ages
By adding a program for the general public, the Community Music School gives local residents the opportunity to explore musical instruments and vocal singing in a comfortable environment and without audition. Young students (and older) often do not know whether they have been given a musical talent or not, but would like to explore their musical possibilities.