What is a Music Conservatory?

Though there is no accepted definition that distinguishes between conservatory, music school, music academy or music studios, there are differences in the perception and expectation.

Training - Individual performance training is combined with comprehensive music skills classes to produce performers of a high quality with strong intellectual knowledge in music.  We train the whole musician, not only to perform, but to successfully interact and collaborate with other musicians through use of music skills and concepts.

Culture - The Conservatory works from the premise that a student’s musical environment sets the stage for lifelong accomplishments. The environment comes from commonalities in student music goals, and through the interaction between equally gifted and motivated students.  The singleness of purpose allows high level musical growth and common acceptance and respect for great achievement.  Since passion for music is the norm, students, young and old, can learn from and be inspired by each other in a comfortable setting.

Students - All incoming students have been approved by the Director, finding students, young and old, that fit into the culture of the Conservatory.  Students learn best when working with others with the same goals, dreams, passions and abilities... students progress most quickly in an environment of equally motivated performers, and students with a common purpose.


Faculty - The most important challenge of a Conservatory is finding professional musicians that are gifted teachers.  These teachers will often become the mentor of the student, introducing them to the professional world.  The goal of the Conservatory and its faculty is to produce the next generation of performers and teachers as well as patrons of the arts.

Great Opportunities -  The Conservatory is structured to provide long term and comprehensive training in private lessons, performance, sight reading, dictation, theory, counterpoint, composition, orchestration and music history.  The basis of Conservatory training is one on one Private Lessons. Monthly recitals and weekly performance classes provide an ongoing opportunity for growth in self confidence and performance skills.