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Information and Agreement 2018-2019



Statement of Purpose

The El Paso Conservatory of Music (EPCoM) is dedicated to fostering musical excellence by providing a nurturing environment in which students of all ages and levels may benefit from the expertise of outstanding faculty members.  Individual private instruction is the cornerstone of all music training at EPCoM.


Students of all levels are accepted for individual lessons.  Students must be at least four to begin private instruction in piano or violin, five for drums, and ten for voice lessons.  Each session of study includes weekly lessons or classes.  Individual private instruction may begin at any time during the year provided space is available in the teacher’s schedule.



The mission of EPCoM is to improve the highest quality of musical performance and preparation of youth and adults by offering comprehensive professional musical training to the greater southwest region of West Texas, Southern New Mexico and Northern Mexico.

The Four Year Pre-College Certificate Program offers gifted youth the opportunity to realize their highest potential as leaders of the next generation of performing and teaching artists.  Participants in the Certificate Program complete a series of private lessons and music skills classes that prepare them for the rigors of college music programs.


The EPCoM Adult and Youth Programs provide professional musical education and training to all persons of the community who desire it.  This dual mission is based upon the notion that every individual has the capability for artistic expression


High-Quality Instruction

Aimed at adults and youth that are serious about music, EPCoM features not only private individual instruction but also classroom teaching to develop musical skills and knowledge.  All individual private lessons and group classes are taught by experienced artist-teacher faculty.  All teachers have professional performing and teaching experience.


Flexible Schedules

EPCoM’s private lessons meet on weekday late afternoons and Saturdays.  Other times may be available on inquiry.  Most group classroom instruction, including sightreading, theory, performance, and piano classes are taught on Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM.


Qualifications for Class Instruction

The class instructor or an EPCoM director will approve student entry level into each class.  Some classes will require an audition or a pre-requisite class.


Privileges with Individual Private Lessons


Student Recitals

All students enrolled in private lessons are encouraged to perform in recitals.  The Conservatory offers a monthly recital, usually on the third Saturday of the month, on which students can perform.  Adult students may perform in adult-only recitals.  Faculty members may also schedule recitals and repertoire performance sessions.


Studio Recitals

Individual teachers may arrange for students to meet and perform for each other in an informal learning environment.  Depending on the student’s needs, studio recitals can be used as preparation for regular student recitals.


Free Admission to Concerts

EPCoM students are admitted free to outstanding concerts at the Conservatory by faculty members and guest artists during the time in which the student is registered at the Conservatory.


Honors Recital

Teachers may recommend selected students to audition for the annual honors recital.  Certificates of Achievement are awarded at this special event.


Pre-College Certificate Program

Upon the recommendation of the director or teacher, high school (possibly middle school) students may be selected to participate in the Pre-College Certificate Program of study.


Performance Juries

At the end of each school year, all students have an opportunity to perform before a panel of faculty members and receive a written evaluation of their performance.


Dates to Remember

June 1: Open registration begins for regular school year

September 3: Private lessons and classes begin

November 23 - 24: Thanksgiving vacation - No Saturday music skills classes or private lessons       

December 19 - January 7: Winter vacation

January 7: Private lessons and classes begin again

January 26: No Saturday music skills classes

March 11 - 15: Spring Break

April 20 - No Saturday music skills classes (Easter)

May 25: Last day of regular school year - juries and year-end recitals held


About the Facilities

Downtown: The Conservatory is located at 801 N. Mesa (corner of downtown I-10 access road Yandell and N. Mesa).   The wooden floors and high ceilings provide the perfect setting of beauty and acoustics. Centrally located, the Conservatory is only seconds away from I-10.



  • Lessons missed by the teacher will be made up at a mutually convenient time during the session or during makeup days following the session.  EPCoM may supply a substitute or replace a teacher for regularly scheduled lesson. 

  • Private lessons or group classes missed for any reason by the student will not be made up.

  • Parents may observe lessons with the consent of teacher.

  • Students must supply their own instruments.  Private piano students are expected to have access to an acoustic piano.  EPCoM faculty members are happy to refer students to local music stores for instrument purchase or rental.



Private Lessons: offered around student and teacher schedule.


  • Weekly 45-minute lesson.

  • Regular school year includes 34 weekly lessons.  Students may enroll for private lessons at any point in the school year and tuition will be prorated.

  • One-on-one instrumental or vocal instruction.

  • Piano, voice, violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar, saxophone, clarinet, flute, oboe, recorder, electric bass guitar, percussion, and drums.

  • Student must practice seriously and participate in EPCoM recitals and May evaluation jury.


Group Classroom Instruction: offered on Saturdays from 9 AM to 1 PM.

  • Weekly 1-hour music skills classes.

  • Designed for students 11 years old and up. 

  • Sightreading and dictation, performance, piano, guitar, violin, voice, music theory, theory for young students, EPCoM String Quartet, chamber music, piano accompanying, music history, jazz ensemble.


Three-Part Group Classroom Program

  • Three weekly 1-hour music skills classes (see Group Classroom Instruction above).


Full Adult or Youth Program

  • Weekly 45-minute private instrumental lesson.

  • Three music skills group classes, held on Saturdays (see Group Classroom Instruction above).


Four Year Pre-College Certificate Program

  • Weekly 45-minute private instrumental lesson.

  • Three music skills group classes, held on Saturdays (see Group Classroom Instruction above).

  • Over a four-year (or longer) course of time, student completes curriculum of music theory, sightreading and dictation, performance or diction class, piano class, and music history.

    • Specific curriculum depends on whether student is in vocal, instrumental, or piano area.

  • Designed to prepare serious students for entry into college-level music programs.


Tuition and Fees

  • Full Adult or Youth Program, including the Four Year Pre-College Certificate Program:

    • Tuition: 3,000 

    • Weekly private lessons plus three group classes


  • Three-Part Group Classroom Program:

    • Tuition: $1,500

    • Three group classes


  • Private Lessons (no group classroom instruction):

    • Tuition: $1,800

    • 34 weeks of private instrumental, piano, or vocal lessons

    • Private lesson tuition will be pro-rated based on the number of lessons remaining in the school year for students who begin studies after school year begins


  • Group Classroom Instruction (single class):

    • Tuition: $600



  • All students must pay an annual non-refundable registration fee of $35.

  • Students choosing an optional payment plan (see below) are required to pay a $10 fee per payment.  Families with multiple students pay one $10 fee per payment due date (not per student).

    • Delinquent account service charge: There is a $50 charge for late payments in the optional payment plans.



Steps to completing registration:

  • Meet with director(s) to discuss course of study, agreement and policies.

  • Turn in $35 registration fee for each student.

  • Turn in completed Information and Agreement form with signatures, tuition payment, and if on an optional Payment Plan, the first payment with credit or debit card information.


Methods of Payment

Students must pay their tuition and fees in full at the time of registration unless an optional payment plan is chosen.  The school accepts cash, checks, MasterCard and VISA credit cards and debit cards as valid forms of payment.  Checks should be made payable to the El Paso Conservatory of Music.

Students are responsible for paying with a negotiable check, cash, or a valid credit or debit card.  The school reserves the right to refuse personal checks from students who have previously paid with non-negotiable items.

Students must pay any outstanding balances prior to registering for new sessions.


Optional Payment Plan

A valid credit or debit card number is kept on file for any student choosing an optional payment plan.  The credit or debit card will be automatically charged on the due dates below.  Students may bring cash or check to pay an installment before the due date in lieu of having their credit or debit card charged.


    Four Payment Plan: Tuition due in four installments

  • ¼ tuition, $35 application fee and $10 processing fee due at the time of fall registration (cash, check or credit or debit card).  The first payment is due by August 15 if student has pre-registered.

  • ¼ tuition and $10 processing fee will be drawn automatically from a valid credit or debit card number furnished at the original registration on 1st Friday in November.

  • ¼ tuition and $10 processing fee will be drawn automatically from a valid credit or debit card number furnished at the original registration on 1st Friday in January.

  • ¼ tuition and $10 processing fee will be drawn automatically from a valid credit or debit card number furnished at the original registration on 1st Friday in March.


    Two Payment Plan: Tuition due in two installments

  • ½ tuition, $35 application fee and $10 processing fee due at the time of registration (cash, check or credit or debit card).  The first payment is due by August 15 if student has pre-registered.

  • ½ tuition and $10 processing fee will be drawn automatically from a valid credit or debit card number furnished at the original registration on 1st Friday in November.


  • EPCoM can work out a two- or three-payment plan with students who enroll after the school year begins.

  • Families with multiple students pay one $10 fee per payment due date, not per student.


Course Withdrawals and Refunds

The student must present the withdrawal request in writing to an EPCoM Director, who will determine the refund based on the date the request for withdrawal is received.

  • After the first scheduled class meeting, 75% of total course tuition refunded

  • After the second scheduled class meeting, 50% of total course tuition refunded

  • After the third scheduled class meeting, 25% of total course tuition refunded

  • After the fourth scheduled class meeting, no refund of course tuition

If the student has paid tuition in full, EPCoM will issue a check for the amount of the refund.  If the student has chosen a payment plan, EPCoM will continue to charge the student for tuition as scheduled until the account has been paid in full minus the refund amount.


El Paso Conservatory of Music

2018-2019 Registration Form and Agreement


Student name______________________________________   Address__________________________________________________


City___________________________ State______   Zip_____________ Date of birth_______________ Age________  Gender_____


Legal guardians____________________________________________________ Relationship to student___________________________


Phone: Home________________________ Cell________________________________  Student cell_____________________________


Parent email___________________________________________ Student email______________________________________________


School________­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________Grade _______ How did you hear about us? _________________________


Program:              _____Four Year Certificate Program   Year:   1    2    3    4           _____3 Part Group Classroom Program


Private Lessons:                  Voice_____          Instrument________________________     Teacher__________________________            


Select location:   Downtown_____   East_____          Number of lessons:   _______   Start Date:   __­­­­­­________________


Group Classes:    Sightreading/Dictation_____    1    2    3    4/Orchestration          Theory_____    1    2    3     4/Composition


Performance _______________________   Piano_____ 1  2     Music History_____     Jazz Ensemble_____    Other_________________


Preferred Lesson Time __________________________________   Approved Lesson Time_________________________________


                                                                 Totals                    Pre-Reg            Payment #1            #2                      #3                       #4   


Total Tuition                                        ________              _________          _________          _________          _________          _________


Application Fee: $35 annual               ________              _________          _________


Processing Fee: $10 per payment     ________                                           _________          _________          _________          _________


                                        TOTAL        ________              _________          _________          _________          _________          _________





Paying in full at registration_____ Four Payment Plan_____  Two Payment Plan_____   

(Note: students who do not pay in full at registration must also provide credit or debit card information below)


Payment method: Cash___  Check___  Amount paid at registration $____________  Date_________  Balance___________

              (Make all checks payable to: El Paso Conservatory of Music, 801 N. Mesa, El Paso, Texas 79902)                                    


Charge my:  VISA____ MasterCard____                     Charge now $______________      Date_________  Balance___________


I, the undersigned, have read the El Paso Conservatory of Music Information and Agreement 2018-2019 and agree to its terms of study and payment.



Student signature                __________________________________________________________________Date _______________



Legal guardian signature or co-signer_______________________________________________________Date __________________





Card#__________________________________________________________________ Exp. Date______/______


Verification Code (on back of card) ________   Name as it appears on card_______________________________________________




Office use only:     eml__­­____­­     tchrsch______     rmsch______    msmlg_____   enrl_____  qb______     rtrng_____



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